Greenshpon Engineering is at the forefront of the Israeli industry and has faithfully served all of its Industries since its establishment in 1952.

Solutions that are provided  with Greenshpon-made Gearboxes, prevent fault failures, enables work in extremely difficult conditions for many years and require minimal maintenance. 

Greenshpon Gearboxes have proven over 6 generations their reliability in the industry and gives a 3-year warranty on its products manufactured in Israel.

An aerial view of a building with cars parked in front of it, showcasing the urban landscape.

The company specializes in the development and design of unique products according to customer requirements in many industries, focusing on exporting its unique products for Poultry Coops, Pig Pens, Dairy Farms, Greenhouses, Crop Storage, Solar Panels and more … Custom made for your specific requirements.

Engineering development, prototype production, performance optimization, engineering support and consulting for finding technological solutions and ongoing production.

Our customers’ need for continuous technical improvement and technology requires us to persevere in improving performance and applications, accompanied by the ability of Greenspon to create products in one line that fully conforms to customer requirements.